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Yo, I'm Dera and this is my blog. Here you'll mostly find Homestuck things as this seems to be about 99.9% of what I reblog. 97% of that is somehow Strider-related, mostly Dirk. I love roleplaying, though it seems Dirk or alpha Dave are the only ones I really play anymore. I also love meeting new people, so don't hesitate to contact me through my ask box (I legit flip my shit in a good way when I get an ask) or on skype at tsundera59.
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Also it may have been noticed but I am now back from Colossal Con and are raiding the tags for pictures of me.

If anyone has any pictures of me, please give me a heads up.

I was fem!Dirk all four days but a (rather short) male Dirk for the two shoots.

And for those who attended the Pester Some Chums (18+) panel, I was the very, very intoxicated femDirk asking ridiculous as hell questions.

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Mar 30th | 6 notes And this is the highlight of my weekend.
Getting a picture with Matt Smith.
And his expression clearly reads, ‘Why me.’.
He also kept blinking in the picture so I got like 3 hugs from him, which was pretty nice, ngl.
Mar 27th My Dirk splinter muse, DS. 
First picture I’ve finished in a while and I haven’t posted on my personal in a while either so I guess I’ll upload him on my personal Tumblr too. Why not.
Dual blog posting aww yis.
I also coloured this with a god damn touchpad from beginning to end because I was too lazy to dig out my tablet, sobs a lot.
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Okay. I know that no one really cares who I am, and perhaps I’m out of line in saying this, but the way we’ve done the Homestuck photoshoot today was completely unacceptable. Behind us we have the elevators, a walkway, and a bathroom. In front of us the registration line. Supposedly that’s where we’re scheduled to be tomorrow as well, but that is unacceptable for a group of this size. Upon talking to con ops about it, they really aren’t sure why that area was marked for large groups as ” There shouldn’t be more than 12 people in that spot.” Upon talking to them if we move our photoshoot location and time tomorrow to the third floor at four o clock we should be able to use the space outside the regency ballroom without a problem.

Jan 21st | 3 notes And now an outfit design for Princebutt’s timeline Roxy.
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[[ kittens. Kittens everywhere. Also, Dave stop that.]]

I drawed a thing.
Sid's Dave muse and my Hal muse. 
And cats.
Nov 28th

People are beginning to wake up and my dash is moving too fast for me to keep up.

I’m going back to my RP dashes. Farewell friends.

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